Heads up! We've just renamed from Themelio to Mel, and this website is very new!

All the relevant content should be moved, but if something seems missing, please let us know on Discord. In the meanwhile, you might find missing info at our old documentation website, docs.themelio.org.

A blockchain for Web3 beyond blockchains.

We are building a clean-slate L1 for a decentralized, secure, and private internet beyond blockchains.

Learn more about our vision — a vibrant ecosystem of full-stack decentralized apps freed from the current on-chain smart contract model.

Our beta mainnet is out, so you can start running nodes and developing protocols. And join our growing community:

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Why Mel?

Decentralization beyond blockchains.

Today, Web3's revolution is stuck inside blockchain smart contracts. Real apps running on your device — even Web3 frontends — still suffer under Web2's centralization and insecurity.

Mel presents a new paradigm: off-chain composability. Here, "Web3 protocol" and "dApp" aren't fancy names for smart contracts loosely taped onto a Web2 frontend.

Instead, they're next-generation network protocols and apps, none of which run on a blockchain, yet interacting with minimal on-chain code to achieve censorship resistance, radical decentralization, and user-aligned incentives.

Our off-chain composable vision

Universal, composable, and robustly neutral.

Conventional blockchains serve intricate smart contract ecosystems. This means complex protocols, messy governance, and unwieldy clients — bad news for composability between on-chain and off-chain.

Mel turns this model upside-down. Everything is designed for easy access not by smart contracts, but by regular non-blockchain programs. Trustless light clients easily power everything from naming systems to data storage networks.

And we get an elegant, minimal blockchain that distills blockchains' incentive-based trust: an immutable, credibly neutral, "code-is-law" engine that liberates us from contentious human governance.

How composability synergizes with neutrality

The first zero-trust, low-volatility currency.

The world we are building needs a new kind of money. Neither volatile cryptocurrencies nor oracle-backed fiat stablecoins point to our monetary future.

MEL is the first ever cryptocurrency that's both stable and trustless. Protocol-internal mechanisms dampen its value against computation time without any oracles.

A truly decentralized unit of account changes everything from payments to incentive design.

How we finally get "sound money"

Off-chain composability means cross-chain composability.

Despite their deep differences, Mel's new paradigm and the existing Web3 ecosystem can interoperate. Cross-chain is just another kind of off-chain, so Mel light clients easily enable decentralized and trustless cross-chain interop.

As an official demo, we are building Szaldi, an autonomous relay protocol with EVM-compatible chains. Every Mel-based asset can be accessed on other chains in a trustlessly wrapped form.

This also means that wMEL will be the first truly crypto-native low-volatility asset in the current DeFi ecosystem.

Mint your first wMEL